Web Design

Do you need a website? The example on the left is a website I designed for a client Envision Green Hemp.  EGH is a CBD startup who needed a website designed and developed to show off their line of CBD products. Making a website is tough if you have little to no experience in the feild of web design and development. I created them a site on the platform WIX. This is not my preferred platform but the client had already paid the yearly membership fee and did not want it to go to waste. 

I typically design and develop my sites on the web builder, Oxygen Builder, as well as Elementor. I am able to have a larger set of tools to create just about anything you can think of wanting in a custom site.


Photography is essential for a business. Below are images I took for my client Envision Green Hemp. When they came to me they had no photography for their website. I was able to create some amazing images for their website. Because I have experience with 3D software I was able to create a 3D model of the tincture bottle so that their product page will have unison when placed side by side. This method is called CGI photography and is something I offer to my clients as well as traditional photography using a camera.

3D Modeling

Expanding from Photography into digital models. A great way to represent your product is having a 3D model of it.  I am able to create a virtual copy of any product you request for. After the Model is created I can make digital ads or stills for you to use as advertiments or creative posts of your product on social media. 


Are you having issues being discovered on google? Without an optimized website you will always rank lower then your competition .
With my websites I make sure your site is optimized for Google and Bing search engines so you can be reached by more customers.
Nugent Multimedia LLC logo

Brand Identity

Looking for a logo refresh? An advertisement idea you want created for social media? I offer logo design and advertising to enhance your brand identity.  
I'm experienced using Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to create motion graphics, logos, and illustrations.
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